low impact


Low Impact Paintball is increasing in popularity all the time and here at Skirmish Paintball Sherwood Forest, we are thrilled to offer the most phenomenally entertaining low impact paintballing packages on the market.

Our low impact paintball guns fire smaller, lighter paintballs to greatly reduce the force of impact. A perfect adrenaline fuelled activity with less of the the pain!  


Whilst you still get to play and enjoy the large variety of game zones we have yo can enjoy the experience without the fear of what may happen at any time if the opposition spot you.

Low impact paintball is suitable for all ages from 8 years old upwards and can be enjoyed by Kidz and adults alike! Perfect for hen parties and corporate events, well just about anyone really.  


Paintball without the pain is the perfect solution.

Book your low impact session now.

All packages include the following:

- Free Air Refils

- Free Goggle Hire

- Free Coveralls

- Min 5 Games

- Semi Auto Gun with 180 shot hopper

The only difference is the amount of paint you start with.

Bronze Low Impact              - 250 Balls

Silver Low Impact                 - 500 Balls

Gold Low Impact                   - 750 Balls