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Step 1 - Kids or Adults
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Adrenaline-fuelled paint-splatting action all year round

It's game time. Paintballing for any occasion. corporate, stag & hen, birthdays...or just for fun

With a great range of deals and package options, our paintball venue is one of the very best out there! No feeling can match the sheer thrill of careening through the undergrowth and dispatching your foe with a perfectly placed shot that takes victory for your team!

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Friendly glad cheerful group of children paintball players in camouflage posing with guns on paintball playing field outdoors
Children Paintball
Book them a real-life fortnite style action adventure!

One for the kids. Party or treat, it'll be one to remember - try it with unlimited paint for kids 8+

With our excellent on-site facilities and a wide range of battle zones, we guarantee them a birthday party to remember! Tailor a party package to suit your requirements. A perfect introduction for those who haven't played before. Bring your children and their friends and ensure their fun with no worries about a big paint bill.

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Running high-quality and safe paintball games since 1988.

We've got everything you might expect from a top-class paintball venue.

We are the UK's number one supplier of paintballing packages for all ages at our top-rated paintball centre. We are proud to boast over 25 years of experience in the paintball industry - a fact that has stood us in good stead when it comes to arranging paintballing battles - something which any paintballer who has stepped foot on one of our venues will testify to!

  • on site food

    On-site food & drink

    Restore your strength with hot & cold food and drinks - inc. bacon cobs, chocolate and crisps

  • extra ammo

    On-the-day Upgrades

    Get extra paint on the day, buy your pyrotechnics (18+) or upgrade to the Sniper package for that extra bit of range.

  • healing

    Covid compliant

    We take health & safety seriously

Explore our package and game options

We have a wide range of themed game zones to choose from

With acres to play with at our paintball centre, we have taken the time and care to plan out the best battle zones, and build the most exciting structures, including villages, forts, trenches, towers and barricades!

Featured packages...

Low Impact
Play without the pain

Low Impact paintball

Our low-impact paintball guns fire smaller, lighter paintballs to greatly reduce the force of impact. A perfect adrenaline fuelled activity with less of the the pain!

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Walk on
Fancy a quick match?

walk-on paintball

We run regular walk-on days on the 2nd Sunday of each month with great success. So if you are looking for a regular or one-off venue then why not give it a try.

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We offer a wide range of arenas to suit all game play

Colourful Barricades

Mini Tanks

Sup air


Fuel Dump