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If you are searching for the most exciting paintball in Kent, look no further! As we here at Skirmish Bullswood will try to offer you the best there is in Skirmish paintballing! We are located just 2 miles away from the Lingfield Park Racecourse.

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We have more than 50 acres of breathtaking mature woodland. Our company offers some of the best game zones in all south east, along with the most updated paintballing equipment and a fully dedicated staff at your disposal. Take your time to learn more about our Kent paintballing services, watch a couple of videos, ask us a question and we will be more than happy to reply.

Not only we offer the very best adult paintball in Kent but we also strive to bring you the most organized paintballing services for kids between the age of 10 and 15.

We, the organization Bullswood Skirmish Paintball are on a constant struggle to offer our clients and friends the most advanced paintball venue there is in the area. We offer a wide variety of game zones, here are a couple of relevant examples that we consider to be the most important: Mexican Fortress, A Bridge Not Too Far, and who could forget our favorite Pirates Not Of The Caribbean. Last but certainly not least, our clients are fully protected by the advanced body armor we provide and the accuracy of the shooter is assured by the most modern semi-auto paintball guns we have in our inventory. Join us here at Bullswood Skirmish Paintball and we will strive to provide the most professional paintball services.

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Wow, its that time for new guns in line with our exclusive bi-annual replacement scheme - and here they are, being unpacked, checked and out ready to use from NOW!!!!!

Bullswood - insist on the best!

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Our services can be used in our 30 acre forest that is located near the Lingfield Park Race Course. We are very accessible, just 10 minutes around Tunbridge Wells and 40 minutes from Sittingbourne.

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Clare and Dan will do everything in their power to provide you the best paintballing in Kent services. They have the only paintball park in the United Kingdom that has an exclusive two year equipment renual programme which means that all customers get the most updated and in perfect shape paintball equipment.

Remember - if you are searching for the very best Kent paintballing experience, look no further, have a look at our website and check out the videos and presentations of the game zones - we guarantee that you will make up your mind in a matter of seconds.

New Game Zone at paintballing in Kent

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