Unlimited Low Impact Pump Action Paintball is for 8 - 14 yr old's but can be enjoyed by Adults wanting to join with their kids or older teenagers as part of  private group.

The perfect introduction to paintball for those who haven't played before.  Bring your children and their friends to one of our events and ensure their enjoyment with no worries about a big paint bill.


Only players aged 8 - 14 can participate in our standard open booking days meaning you can relax whilst the teenagers have the fun.


Using pump action guns but running at a lower velocity and small caliber paintballs they will get  to experience a variety of our game zones/maps throughout their 2 hour time slot


Uinlimted paint means that for each game we fill the hopper to the max and let then run and gun with their friends.

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image1 2.jpeg

All bookings include the following:

- Free Goggle Hire

- Free Coveralls

- Min 5 Games - up to 8

- Pump Action Gun with 110 shot hopper

- Full hopper every game


We also cater for private parties at £275 for up to 14 people, bringing the price down to under £20 per person.

Call the office on 0115 945 2427 to book a private session.