Laser Tag Kent | Outdoor Laser Tag in Kent:

Wow, our new Lasertag arena is just AWESOME! It features 4 new game zones for use exclusivly with our new Lasertag settup here at Bullswood!

Laser Tag is similar to paintballing except it uses harmless infra-red technology to register hits on your enemy rather than an actual projectile. We have invested in the most ground breaking technology to bring you small, compact machine pistols and slightly larger rifles that are designed for use for kids of aged 7 and up to play Laser Tag in an outdoor environment.
Their all metal construction are both waterproof and durable with an effective range of over 200 meters yet weigh less than a kilo - no huge, bulky hunks if metal here!

Laser Tag Outdoor Arenas:

The technology inside these awesome laser guns allow us to only play themed games, they also allow us to incorporate game types from popular computer games such as Call Of Duty, with familiar missions such as Flag Capture, All Against All and Team Deathmatch amongst others and our awesome new Starr Warrs Map featuring a huge 2 legged ATST Walker, Speedsters and Ewoks as well as new missions on our Pirates Not Of The Karribean zone and SAS Hostage Rescue - Laser Tag fun all the way!

Outdoor Laser Tag key features:

*Unlimited Ammo
*No Impact - No pain!
*From ages 7 and up
*minimum group sizes from 10 upwards
*2 Hour sessions morning (10-12.00 and afternoon 1.00-3.00)

Outdoor Lasertag in Sussex

Kent Lasertag Itinery:

A typical itinery for a 12pm game would be arrival here at Bullswood Skirmish Laser Games at around 11.50 - allowing time for stagglers, dressing up in camo gear and grabbing tea and Coffee, a short safety and rule briefing commences at around 12.05 with introduction to the staff, facilities and how to operate the Laser Guns before explaining sample game missions. Then its out into the woodland (Our Laser Tag arena is totally separate and netted off from our Paintballing zones) for up to 8 different games - working as both teams and individuals. We either break for refreshments halway through or battle straight through - we`ll ask you on the day! As ever we award certificates to the best/funniest/most entertaining players of the day! We Finnish up at around 2.00pm - give or take!

Kent Laser Tag Prices:

All our Lasertag sessions include camo gear, all equipment and refreshments - feel free to bring cakes etc. *If you require hotdogs for your group they are an additional 2 per head and must be booked in advance. **There is no price for extra ammo - its unlimited!!!

Outdoor Lasertag prices in Kent

Kent Lasertag Directions:

Getting to our Bullswood Skirmish venue is easy - below is guide to help you estimate travelling time from local towns:

Getting to Skirmish Laser Tag from Edenbridge:

We are around 4 minutes from Edenbridge - just head out of Edendbridge past Marsh Green and into Dormansland - easy!.

Getting to Skirmish Laser Tag from Sevenoaks:

We are around 20 minutes from Sevenoaks - just head Sevenoaks towards Edengridge then up to Dormansland.

Getting to Skirmish Laser Tag from Bromley:

We are around 30 minutes from Bromley - just head out of Bromley onto the M25 and round to jnc 6 and then head for Lingfield Park Racecourse.

Getting to Skirmish Laser Tag from Maidstone:

We are around 40 minutes from Maidstone - Take the M26/M25 and come off at jnc 6 and aim for Lingfield Park Racecourse .

Getting to Skirmish Laser Tag from Chatham:

We are around 45 minutes from Chatham - Take the M2 then round to jnc6 of the M25, then go for Lingfield Park Racecourse.

Getting to Skirmish Laser Tag from Sittingbourne:

We are around 50 minutes from Sittingbourne - Take the A249 to maidstone, onto the M20/M26/m25 and then off at jnc 6 and aim for Lingfield Park Race course. .

Getting to Skirmish Laser Tag from Tunbridge Wells:

We are around 15 minutes from Tunbridge Wells - Just head up through Langton Green then take the A264 for East Grinstead.

Getting to Skirmish Laser Tag from Tonbridge:

We are around 20 minutes from Tonbridge - Head round to Edenbridge then up to Dormansland.

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